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Welcome to Cushing Village... Coming in 2015

Welcome to Cushing Village, the dynamic new development in Belmont’s Cushing Square that is visually appealing, intuitively designed for convenience and fun, yet inherently sustainable and green by design. The Cushing Village cluster of uniquely designed structures represents a revitalized transformation in the way people live, play and work in beautiful Belmont Massachusetts.

In July of 2013, the developers, Smith Legacy Partners Series, LLC, received approval from the Belmont Planning Board to build the much anticipated Cushing Village development. Ground breaking is scheduled for early Spring 2015, with the final building being completed as of Fall 2016. For additional information regarding the details of this transformative mixed-use project, please take a moment to explore this site further.

Project Highlights
  • • Community intuitive and complementary aesthetic design
  • • Conveniently located 1 mile from Cambridge and 5 miles from Boston
  • • 115 units of new luxury rental apartments
  • • 229 Parking Spaces
  • • Open public space for events and community activities
  • • Neighborhood Grocery Anticipated
  • • Vibrant Retail Parcels and Restaurants
  • • Ample bike racks
  • • Boutique Neighborhood Health Spa
  • • 37,500 total retail square footage with a minimum of 1,500 SF and a maximum contiguous of 20,000 SF
What People are Saying About Cushing Village...

" Cushing Village will revitalize the square and bring it back to a place of prominence; A place that draws residents due to its vibrant social and commercial components. In my opinion, it is just the kind of smart growth development we need and one that will help Belmont maintain its status as a premiere community of the Greater Boston area."
Charley R. Laverty: Belmont Resident and Former Member of the Belmont Board of Assessors.

"The long and illustrious history of Cushing Square is about to enter a new chapter; one that will bring it forward into a community renaissance. We eagerly anticipate working with neighboring businesses and organizations to embrace this new vitality."
Chris Starr, Managing Partner, Smith Legacy Partners Series, LLC

"This was a first for Belmont….and in the end we had smiles on the faces of the residents, the neighbors, the Planning Board and the developer. We did our job."
Sami Baghdady, Belmont Planning Board Chairman

"…this project meets the many goals of the Town’s Vision 21: more open space for Cushing Square’s families to stroll in throughout the year, a neighborhood market, units for young people to keep the area vibrant, more foot traffic for walk-in business, and, most importantly, new tax revenues; that’s what Cushing Village will bring."
Tomi Olsen & Tom Cutrone, Belmont Residents and Business Owners

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